In every sports interest to have Australians participate in sport.

Experience Sport wants you to be competitive and get involved. We are proud to partner with leading tournaments and associations to give you options to participate at any level of skill.

We believe there needs to be an alternative to contact rugby for:

  • parents concerned about their sons or daughters suffering head knocks or injury
  • players that don’t like contact
  • those that are unable to play contact rugby due to the risk of missing out on work if they sustain an injury and
  • those wanting to participate in a unisex format

We also believe there needs to be a game that allows participants to choose when and if they play contact rugby, without missing out on the appropriate knowledge and skill development should they eventually do so.

In summary the game aims to provide an entry point for, and appeal to, regardless of age, gender or race

  • the more serious or aspirational participant seeking rugby knowledge and skill development should they wish to transition to contact rugby at some point, and
  • the social participant seeking a fun, social, inclusive game that brings people and communities together.