Club Shops


Experience Sport! offers clubs their own unique online store. This feature is designed to ease the cost and administrative burden of organising and paying for sporting club apparel and merchandise. Save your volunteer’s time and raise funds for your team via our Experience Sport! Rebate Program. Plus your members can save money with our great low prices.

Experience Sport! is about YOU, the player, the coach, the official or the administrator. That is why we have created the Experience Sport! Rebate Program with our Online Club Shops feature so everyone benefits.

  • No Administration Hassles
  • No Stock Holding
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Custom Made & Stock Items
  • Save Time On Admin
  • Earn Money From Sales

We can create your own club store and handle all your members’ orders and payments online using our secure payment gateway. The entire process is very easy for your members and supporters to make purchases. Simply choose from our range of garments and merchandise to create your own customised shop. We work with you to design your items and decoration.

You set the mark up on each item to determine how much rebate you earn on sales and set your order cut-off date. Orders are processed once the team shop cut-off date is reached. There is no need for you to carry excess stock as production is based on your members’ personal orders.

You can have multiple order time frames per season. Orders are delivered 6 to 8 weeks from the close-off date depending on the type of item. We can deliver to you for distribution or ship direct to members with a postage fee added at the checkout. You will receive full transparent reporting on sales and rebates per item as set in your pricing.

Club Shop Step 1

Step 1

Select the items you want in your shop and your rebate margins. We start the design process and you approve your designs and/or decoration

Club Shop Step 2

Step 2

Confirm your order cut-off date (allow at least 6 weeks before season for processing and delivery)

Club Shop Step 3

Step 3

We set up your shop and you share your Experience Sport! Club Shop page address with your members

Club Shop Step 4

Step 4

Sit back as your members easily process their order through our secure payment system (no complicated registration required)

Club Shop Step 5

Step 5

On the cut-off date, orders are collated and sent to production. A full report and any rebates are sent to you

Club Shop Step 6

Step 6

On the cut-off date, orders are collated and sent to production. A full report and any rebates are sent to you