Hygienic Water Bottle – Sure Shot Lid


The Experience Sport! Sure Shot Water Bottle or Hygienic Water bottle is the best & safest way to rehydrate in team sports. The lid has a revolutionary one way ‘Aim & Squirt’ design (Sure Shot), with a spill proof nozzle. This eliminates the need for mouth contact with the bottle, preventing the transfer of germs through cross contamination.

Other features include a clear view strip with measurements and a wide opening for adding ice and easy cleaning. Australian designed and made from safe, fully recyclable food grade LDPE and BPA free Polyethylene.

Please note: The design on this product may differ to what is in the image.
It may still contain Rhino branding, but this will cease as we transition to Experience Sport.
What will not be different is the high-quality production and materials you expect.
By buying this product, you agree to potentially receive a slightly different design to what is pictured.

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  • 800ml lightweight, soft squeeze bottle makes re-hydrating quick & easy.
  • The screw on Sure Shot lid with one-way valve not only prevents spillage but is the hygienic way to share drinks.
  • Clearview strip with measurements to accurately mix your fluids
  • Lightweight, soft squeeze bottle makes re-hydrating quick and easy
  • Designed, tested and made in Australia
  • Large 53mm wide opening for easy access and insertion of ice cubes
  • Premium Sports Drink Bottle made from food grade LDPE and BPA free Polyethylene material to ensure safe drinking. Bottles are manufactured from fully recyclable material.
  • Customised colours & logo print design available. Quote available on request.